Words My Friends Would Use To Describe Me

It's hard for me to think of words to describe myself, let alone try to guess how other people would describe me!
  1. Energetic
    I'm bubbly and loud and like being a goof ball, because life is too short to be a grumpy jerk.
  2. Caring
    I love everyone!! So much! I'm a pretty decent shoulder to lean on
  3. Ginger
    Well... yeah.
  4. Passionate
    When I love something, it's all or nothing. There's no middle ground.
  5. Irritating
    I'm also the most annoying person on the planet and tend to be nosy without meaning to. :(
  6. Musical
    As Noah put it, "You're the kind of person where if everyone around you started singing and life turned into a musical you wouldn't even question it, you'd just go 'oh this is how it is now. Ok.'"
  7. Not full of bees