1. MVP, MVP, 09' all the way to 16'
  2. They like Pablo, why are all the windows tinted on your Tahoe
  3. They got them pornstar big booties/ Let me film then shoot it/ 3-D money, no illusion/ Depending if I'm feeling bougie/ Might hit your line bitch
  4. I got broads in Atlanta
  5. They call me Champagne Hova wake up with a hangover/ When y'all think the game's over, do the same thing over
  6. This is a GOD dream. This is a GOD dream, this is everything
  7. And I come back to my city I fuck every girl I know
  8. Think Jigga's a joke nigga hardy har
  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
  10. Met her today, yeah
  11. Uh yeah dat way, pick up the phone and call Kanye
  12. I made that bitch famous
  13. Bad bitch with a sun tan, do you know one by chance?
  14. Thugger, Thugger baby
  15. She suck on that dick on the plane/ And I just called her airhead
  16. Ain't no tellin'
  17. Chris Breezy with the dance moves/ Mo G with the dance moves
  18. How you let me run down here/ I'm not even from around here