GOAT lyrics

  1. MVP, MVP, 09' all the way to 16'
  2. They like Pablo, why are all the windows tinted on your Tahoe
  3. They got them pornstar big booties/ Let me film then shoot it/ 3-D money, no illusion/ Depending if I'm feeling bougie/ Might hit your line bitch
  4. I got broads in Atlanta
  5. They call me Champagne Hova wake up with a hangover/ When y'all think the game's over, do the same thing over
  6. This is a GOD dream. This is a GOD dream, this is everything
  7. And I come back to my city I fuck every girl I know
  8. Think Jigga's a joke nigga hardy har
  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
  10. Met her today, yeah
  11. Uh yeah dat way, pick up the phone and call Kanye
  12. I made that bitch famous
  13. Bad bitch with a sun tan, do you know one by chance?
  14. Thugger, Thugger baby
  15. She suck on that dick on the plane/ And I just called her airhead
  16. Ain't no tellin'
  17. Chris Breezy with the dance moves/ Mo G with the dance moves
  18. How you let me run down here/ I'm not even from around here