Embrace the absurd!
  1. "Infinite Jest" by David Wallace
    Well, it's really absurd. Now i am not so sure anymore if taking Heroin is really a bad thing.
  2. "The Plague" by Albert Camus
    Death for 200 pages, uncontrolled, without justification or anything else. Then it stops for no reason at all. I guess that really was the point he was trying to make.
  3. "Candide" by Voltaire
    The story of a very naive young hero, whose experiences are deeply traumatizing. The only reason why one can still read it food is that all the murder and rape is only depicted quite shortly. Voltaires point was somehow that the world is fucked up. (The book is actually quite funny)
  4. "Das Erdbeben in Chili" by Heinrich von Kleist
    A couple, who were supposed to be punished capitally for their love, gets freed by an earthquake, which they both separately survive by luck. They meet by coincident outside of town and want to thank their god, only to be killed there by angry religious folks, who recognizes them for their forbidden love (i know how it sounds, the book does it better) and kills them.