The world is conplicated, but there are some events in world history which are just directly soviet propaganda, except that they happened in reality. I didn't give any sources, but that's since one can look it up at wikipedia. I guess though another list with events contradicting this ideology is necessary as well.
  1. The Assassination of Karl Liebknechts and Rosa Luxemburgs by Waldemar Pabst
    These two where leading figures on the left wing of the social democratic party (SPD) before the world war, but splitted off after the SPD supported 1st WW. in the revolution of 1919, both played a decisive role; this is probably why they were captured and shot by former army officer Waldemar Pabst, leader of a paramilitaric militia. The murderer repeatedly claimed that he actet with support of Nöske, a high functionary of the SPD at that time.
  2. The "Rainbow Warrior"
    In 1985, just before a planned nuclear test of France, the french intelligence agency DSGE performed a terror attack onto the ship "Rainbow Warrior" of the NGO Greenpeace in the harbour of Auckland, Australia, killing one person. The ship was on its way to protest against the nuclear test and this fits well into leftist ideology as the capitalistic government, disguised in democratic rule, used deadly, illegal violence as it felt endangered.
  3. Tonkin incident and the beginning of vietnam war
    On 2nd and 4th of August, north vietnam attacked an american warship, thus calling the US to action. Or that's what people were told back then. Nowadays this version is in much more doubt, and it seems more that it was set up to legitimise the war, which was seeked for by the military. It fits into leftist thinking as here a government lied in order to bring the people to fight for their "imperialist" purposes. The term is appropriate as the conflict was directly inherited from the colonial era.
  4. The "Gladio" Operation in Italy
    During the end of 2nd WW, the tensions between the USA and the UdSSR increased to a point that a war seemed not impossible, so the CIA decided to set up "stay behind" programs in europe, i.e. irregular, anti-communistic forces operating behind enemy lines in case of a soviet invasion. In Italy, they formed the "Gladio"-operation out of former fascist, who at some point decided to set up terror attacks which looked like they were committed by the red brigades.