Sometimes people forget that true musical expression should transcend genres.
  1. "Der Glocken bebendes Getös" by J. S. Bach (BWV 198)
    The style of this recitativo is remarkable.
  2. "Dissonance quartet" by W. A. Mozart (K.465)
    Introduction is brought to you by Dmitry Shostakovich.
  3. Diabelli-Variation no. 32 by L. v. Beethoven
    Reminds of Chopin.
  4. "Arietta" movement in the piano sonata no. 32 by L. v. Beethoven
    That Beethoven invented the Boogie-Woogie is quite famous.
  5. The "Allegro con brio" from the piano concerto no. 3 by L. v. Beethoven
    Beethoven also invented the Tango.
  6. "Bagatelle ohne Tonart" by F. Liszt
    A short piece without any key. This one is more a fun thing, for if have not found genuine musical expression in this one.
  7. "Les Elemens" by Jean-Fery Rebel
    Rebel his name and profession... This piece from around 1730 starts with clustering dissonances.