We can be friendliest and most hospitable area to visit. The Southeast is full of charm, history...and a language all to its own. Don't be alarmed, just be prepared. What would you add to the list?
  1. Hey
    This does not refer to something that cattle graze on. In the South, this is considered a formal greeting. Unlike Latin, there is no grammar change needed based off gender- it works for everyone.
  2. Y'all
    Used when referring to a group, often preceded by the word "hey." There are no other acceptable version- "ya'll" or "you guys" only indicate that you are an intruder.
  3. Puttin' it up
    This has no thing to do with direction or an ascension upwards. It simply means to return something to where it belongs.
  4. Iced Tea
    Here that means it is sweet unless you specifiy "unsweet tea". Make sure you add the word "please" at the end....otherwise you'll likely get iced tea.
  5. Duck Tape
    We use this to fix everything. I've heard it exists outside of the South and that they call it "Duct Tape."
  6. Ma'am
    I've been getting ma'amed in the south since day one by anyone in a service situation. But specifically, by children. People expect their kids to say sir and ma'am and if they don't it's disrespectful! I also get called Miss Becca by children because using just my first name would be considered rude.
    Suggested by @beccatillinghast