The five most random photos on my phone

I r so boring
  1. This is the death by chocolate cake I made for myself for Mother's Day. Chocolate cake with chocolate chips in the batter, a layer of fudge in between the two cake layers, covered with Oreo crumbles, chocolate frosting with more Oreo crumbles on the outside.
  2. You can't really see, but this car is screwed if he wants to leave, less than an inch on either side of his car.
  3. I hate checking my mail...
  4. This was a sign on the door of a house we were looking at buying. No it wasn't in a cage. It was roaming free and the size of Jenna Marbles' Cermit.
  5. This is the Eye of Sauron. Drawn by the Mormon missionarys that stopped by to say hello.