1. Car makeup tutorial
    This is one of my favorites because I heart when Jenna trolls. there are so many people out there trying to make things look easy that are not, or they spend way too much money and claiming to save money by doing it themselves.her Troll videos are by far my favorite.
  2. Whisper challenge
    I think I really like this one because they just go for it there's no hesitation they don't try to make stuff up they just say what they think they see, and do so confidently.
  3. Avocado Rant
    This one made the list because I feel like I have these kind of conversations in my head all the time about random things and I'm so glad that she is so eloquent and has the format and platform to discuss things like this on a larger scale
  4. Drunk review:as seen on tv products
    I do also like to watch Jenna's drunk videos because I feel it's her character Amplified
  5. Yoga challenge
    Yoga challenge I enjoy watching because I feel like it's a very realistic challenge especially for two people that are physically fit like Julian and Jenna and when she says "my f****** back" I know exactly the feeling that she has felt, because I've gone from a athletic young person to a previously athletic 30 year old.