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A lot of this I learned from the music and movies I'm into right now
  1. Whiny singing voices
    So like, 90's and early 2000's pop and R&B is my shit
  2. Soft lighting
  3. Brown make up
    Black girls with neutral/brown make up are my entire heart. I'm glad to see this making a comeback and tbh it's the look I'm best at
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I've been off this app for a while and ya know what... Yeah.
  1. I was suicidal
    2015 not only wanted me to jump off of the highest building I could find, it also requested that I do a flip.
  2. I got my heart broken by a friend
    My best friend at that. It hurts. It's gonna hurt. C'est la vie.
  3. I went on a huge Benzo X Weed binge
    When I say huge I mean smoking three times a day and popping pills like tic tacs
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In the holiday spirit...
  1. Patti Labelle Sweet Potato Pies
  2. Chaka Khan Chitlins (and/or Greens)
    Don't Chaka look like she can chef the shit out some chitlins? Yes. Yes, she does. And my friend says she trusts Chaka with her greens.
  3. Beyoncé's Vegan "Turkey"
    Because it's the centerpiece of the dinner and she can't cook so it's going to be store bought and pre cooked
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  1. I call this nigga up off the late night
  2. He picks me up
  3. We smoke
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As a disclaimer this is wild and don't read if you the Feds 🚫👮🏻🚫
  1. I met him my freshman year of college
  2. He was 29, I was 18
    We're 31 and 20 now, respectively
  3. He's Jamaican and a half-assed Rastafarian
    He was a preacher's kid and knows the bible from cover to cover and is more agnostic than anything
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I miss my ex girlfriend so mucj
  1. We've been talking again
    Like 4 and 5 hour long conversations about everything
  2. She told me she wouldn't want to get back with me
    Fair enough
  3. She's still fine and she's still attracted to me
    I didn't expect her to still be attracted to me tbh
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The boy I've been on/off with for five years is shitty. Thanks for the heads up @lstblkgrl
  1. I opened up to him about my mental illness and feeling lonely and depressed
  2. He told me we should hang out so I wouldn't feel that way
  3. We've been texting for a little while
    I finally saved his number again, he was 546.... For a while
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My first list was about the chaos in my life and this is kind of a line by line review/update on how things are going.
  1. My bestfriend had a temper tantrum and blocked me on everything
    It might have been a misunderstanding? I can't say anything in her defense. She still has some of my favorite clothes and I'm not going to see her for a pretty long time.
  2. I haven't told many people about this
    I don't want people to like feel some type of way toward her and I don't wanna seem bitter. I do still wanna be her friend.
  3. My old flame and I are trying to rekindle. Well, me and a few old flames are trying to rekindle
    I don't see it working out to be honest
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  1. I started off by waking up late and getting high
    Anxiety meds and weed are amazing for insomnia and also my daily routine
  2. I had a meeting with the academic council
    Because of my mental health I can leave school unpenalized. Whoop!
  3. I bitched about the Patti LaBelle pies selling out
    I called like three locations. No luck. Best believe I'm getting one Friday.
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