In the holiday spirit...
  1. Patti Labelle Sweet Potato Pies
  2. Chaka Khan Chitlins (and/or Greens)
    Don't Chaka look like she can chef the shit out some chitlins? Yes. Yes, she does. And my friend says she trusts Chaka with her greens.
  3. Beyoncé's Vegan "Turkey"
    Because it's the centerpiece of the dinner and she can't cook so it's going to be store bought and pre cooked
  4. Angela Bassett Yams
    She looks like she makes bomb yams
  5. Ron Isley Mac & Cheese
  6. Aretha Franklin Neck Bones, with or without the greens
    She look like her ass makes bomb ass neck bones
  7. Beyoncé's Honey Glazed Ham
    It's easy, and as she has said, she can't cook. With a honey glazed ham, she can easily hand that off to Patti to put in the oven since Patti likes to bake and shit. And I know she already brought turkey, but she know her ass is gonna get tired of the vegan shit and wanna try some swine, plus she wanna appeal to all her fans, she is realistic.