1. I call this nigga up off the late night
  2. He picks me up
  3. We smoke
  4. We listen to some reggae
  5. We find a nice parking spot
  6. We get in the back seat of his van
  7. He starts eating my pussy
  8. He starts going tf in
  9. He STOPS
  10. He's just telling me to like make eye contact
  11. He stops AGAIN
  12. A white woman is approaching the car
  13. She's angry
  14. She knocks on the door
  15. She has a cell phone in hand
  16. She's calling the people
  17. He gets out the car to FUCKING REASON WITH HER
  18. They're still arguing
  19. I didn't finish getting my pussy ate
  20. I'm like laughing to keep from crying
  21. White women ruin everything oh my god
  22. Okay so they left and were gone for a while
  23. He just came back
  24. He told me she was in her feelings cause they used to fuck
  25. I no longer give a fuck lol
  26. He told me he's not done so I'm assuming we're continuing business as usual
    I guess there's a happy ending after all