As a disclaimer this is wild and don't read if you the Feds 🚫👮🏻🚫
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    I met him my freshman year of college
  2. •
    He was 29, I was 18
    We're 31 and 20 now, respectively
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    He's Jamaican and a half-assed Rastafarian
    He was a preacher's kid and knows the bible from cover to cover and is more agnostic than anything
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    Our first time having sex was amazing
    Like... Life changing.
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    We started fucking/talking regularly
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    He invited me to stay at his place
    Bigggggg deal for both of us. I usually don't stay, he usually doesn't offer. I slept over his place a few times, usually accidents.
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    Okay I think I should start in to the heavy hitting stuff now, huh?
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    He recently got out of prison
    I think he's been out for like 3-4 years, max
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    He has two, count em, TWO kids!
    Two different moms. An eight year old and a one year old.
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    He's legally married
    When we started fucking he told me he got divorced years ago. Apparently not. I've been fucking a married man. How many hail Mary's do I say to absolve this sin?
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    He has a warrant out on him right now
    Not his fault, his wife/baby mom's did some crazy Thin Line Between Love And Hate type shit and pressed charges on him for hitting her
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    He sells molly????!?!?!
    Literally. He's really the plug.
  13. •
    He has a variety of mental illnesses/disorders etc that he ignores
    He's been told BY PROFESSIONALS that he's Bipolar, Sociopathic, Borderline, Homicidal, has anger disorders... And I'm pretty sure a pathological liar.
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    He's killed before
    Not like "I killed a man once" but like this nigga has bodies.
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    But on the brighter side of things...
  16. •
    He makes me laugh
    Very goofy and charming
  17. •
    The sex
  18. •
    He writes poetry, sings, dances... Etc
  19. •
    He has his own business that he's starting up
  20. •
    He knows me better than most people