All the girls I've had serious crushes on
  1. The girl I had Chemistry with in 10th grade.
    She was super cute and already so independent and sure of herself. I envied her, and admired her and I wanted her so bad but she thought I was straight.
  2. The devil
    I kind of dated this girl in high school who turned out to be evil. At first it was really cute, we went on a lot of dates and smoked weed and she was my first kiss. She broke my heart and I'd probably put myself through it all over again tbh
  3. The white girl
    She was so little and creepy and I loved everything about her. She vaped, had cherry red hair, worked at a sex shop and wanted to be a mortician. I pictured us making out a lot and watching Addams Family Values in our spare time but, alas...
  4. The model
    She was a year younger than me and so beautiful and a complete pseudo intellectual. She thought she was so deep and different and I liked to listen to her talk about dumb shit. She was talented though, she was good at everything she did, from modeling to drawing and painting
  5. The straight girl
    We've been friends since I was a sophomore in high school. We've playfully called each other "Wife" our whole friendship. I knew I had feelings for her before I even knew that I wasn't straight. She's a bit too religious to actually go for me, but she's always telling me how I'd make the perfect boyfriend.
  6. The girl w/ purple hair
    My school had a Queer Prom, I won Prom King. There was this one girl that I'd had my eye on the entire night and I ask her to dance and then get her number. We stayed in contact for a little while and then she disappeared on me. I was so hurt, she was so cute.
  7. The baby
    I had the biggest crush on this girl from my job, but she was two years younger than me. We flirted a lot and fought a lot and she always seemed super curious about my sexuality but the most I got was a few kisses on the cheek and seemingly sincere "I love yous" she was straight, after all.
  8. The one w/ the boyfriend
    I knew her through some mutual friends and we flirted here and there. On my 18th birthday she came up to my school to hang out with me. We went to brunch and spent the rest of the day together. When we rode the train back home, I sucked her titties. I was like certain nobody could see us. She gave me a birthday kiss before we went our separate ways. I could give a fuck about her boyfriend.
  9. The mirror
    We were so much alike and got so close so fast. It was crazy, I knew I had a crush as soon as I saw her but I wasn't sure it would last as long as it did. Her personality was huge compared to mine and I felt like I couldn't keep up. I was so in love, my little heart broke every time she'd talk about liking someone else. At some point I just decided being friends was more than enough.
  10. She was a bitch, I'm not gonna lie
    She was a lesbian, hipster, feminist and one of the angriest most hypocritical people I've ever met. She didn't get classism or colorism and dated white people almost exclusively and thought she was different because she read books and listened to rock bands and played video games. She was really cute, though. And she spoke so passionately that I listened to her for her voice, not her content. She hates me because my opinions differ from hers and I love that she hates me.