1. What's your sign?
    Stay away from Pisces and Cancers, be wary of Scorpios
  2. Where were you born?
  3. What's your favorite meal to cook?
  4. If you could be animal, what animal would you be?
    Show them a video of their animal mating and then hit them with the follow up question: Are you sure?
  5. What's the last book you read and how did you feel about it?
    Books assigned for school count
  6. If you had to have a kid with anyone you've already had sex with, who would it be and why?
    If they've never had sex, change the "anyone you've already had sex with" to "anyone you know"
  7. Who's your favorite Disney Movie Villain?
  8. Describe your dream self
  9. Who's your favorite fictional character?
    If you don't know the character have them describe them
  10. Warm or cool colors?
  11. What are five songs that are important to you?
  12. Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
  13. Biggest accomplishment?
  14. What does your perfect Saturday night look like?
  15. Three things you can't live without?
  16. What would you do if you could have ANYTHING you wanted paid for by someone else, BUT the catch is every time you make a transaction they have to stick a finger in your butt?
  17. do you feel about butt play?
    You might not have to ask this depending on the answer to the previous question
  18. Would you be comfortable using knives in a sexual setting?
  19. How often do you cut your hair?
  20. What's the most important part of your body?
  21. What's your favorite part of your body?
    (there's a difference)
  22. If you could go anywhere in the world and be alone, where would you go?