Because I'm a pro 😎
  1. Make an emo side blog
    In addition to my already emo-ish tumblr I now have a side blog for poetry and thoughts. Like a diary.
  2. Start talking to old friends
    If your bestfriend abandons you, go back to old friends. Are they just as toxic? Probably! But hey, you have to fill the void somehow. And if they're still kind of hot you'll have some(one)thing to do.
  3. Drop out of school
    After three long years of threatening to drop out, I'm doing it! (I'll be back in the spring). Sometimes it's good to take a break. Figure out what you like to do, get your mind right, and then get back into your responsibilities.
  4. Do drugs
    I have some prescription Klonopin (my fathers script) that's been putting me to sleep and keeping me from sleeping all day. It's pretty cool. I've been smoking weed with them so they're double cool!
  5. Cry
    If you're like me and usually can't cry, just take some time and let it all out. Don't suppress it, that only hurts.
  6. Write
    My go-to for writing has become my emo tumblr blog, but pen to paper writing is cool, writing on Windows and mirrors and sticky notes is cool too. Use those motor functions!
  7. Leave your room
    It's good for you
  8. Look at yourself
    Sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror when you're depressed. I have some issues with like forgetting what I look like/who I am and I think it's helpful to like stare at pictures/ videos of myself or look in the mirror. It works.
  9. Take things a day at a time
    But don't avoid planning for the future! Set out plans for the week with enough flexibility in case things fall through. Find things to look forward to, but try to not get your hopes up too much.