My first list was about the chaos in my life and this is kind of a line by line review/update on how things are going.
  1. My bestfriend had a temper tantrum and blocked me on everything
    It might have been a misunderstanding? I can't say anything in her defense. She still has some of my favorite clothes and I'm not going to see her for a pretty long time.
  2. I haven't told many people about this
    I don't want people to like feel some type of way toward her and I don't wanna seem bitter. I do still wanna be her friend.
  3. My old flame and I are trying to rekindle. Well, me and a few old flames are trying to rekindle
    I don't see it working out to be honest
  4. I've been writing emo ass poetry on a side tumblr blog
    No suicide notes. I'm getting better(?)
  5. I stopped with the physical self harm and moved on to emotional self harm
    I've gotten better in some aspects, worse in others. Ya win some....
  6. In the spirit of Thanksgiving...
    I really want a Patti LaBelle pie. If Only You Knew how much I want that damn pie.
  7. I don't think about my dad as often
    He's a deadbeat and has been so since I was 2. My nostalgic, what-if period has passed.
  8. I've given up on being in love with people who aren't available to me
    My friend is not/was not/will probably never be available to me. I tried to like start dating my first significant other ever again and she told me I'm too much of a headache and I just accepted it. Maybe someday.
  9. I'm sleeping again