I miss my ex girlfriend so mucj
  1. We've been talking again
    Like 4 and 5 hour long conversations about everything
  2. She told me she wouldn't want to get back with me
    Fair enough
  3. She's still fine and she's still attracted to me
    I didn't expect her to still be attracted to me tbh
  4. We've been flirting and dancing around our feelings for eachother
    She's been teasing me. She's way better at games than I am, our conversations make me feel like a flustered little boy. our relationship all over again.
  5. She sent me the address to her job and told me to come through
    She's back home though and I couldn't manage traveling an hour and some change to go see her
  6. We did the little "you hang up first" thing
    We said goodnight and bye like twelve times before we actually got off the phone
  7. I still love her
    I know she said she doesn't want a relationship though so I'm willing to chill and just be the friend she needs. We both need a friend right now.
  8. I feel like a puppy
    Please help