The only songs I'm listening to atm
  1. Anything by Gucci Mane
    He's my kinfolk
  2. Sevyn Streeter- Say It (Remix)
    I heard you got about four bitches... Sevyn's voice over a Brownstone sample may not make sense to most, but I love the contrast. Sevyn is airy and light in comparison to the backing vocals and it Also, the lyrics! She made the remix to let the original artist/all the guys out there know that we are not just in it for money. She represented for the ladies and sounded amazing doing it, 10/10.
  3. Toni Braxton- He Wasn't Man Enough
    Because there's nothing sexier than a contralto, and there's nothing more feminist than warning another woman about a man you used to be with. My hat is off to you, Ms. Braxton. This song is a classic.
  4. Whitney Houston- I'm Every Woman
    From the shout out to Chaka Khan to the self affirming chant of solidarity and womanhood, this song is perfect. RIP Nippy.
  5. Aaliyah- Rock The Boat
    Something very soothing about Aaliyah singing "stroke it for me" idk what it is. Sn... I kinda just realized this song was about sex.
  6. Kehlani- The Way
    She's cute. Chance the Rapper is cute. The song is cute. It lets me feel like I got somebody without actually having somebody. It makes me reminisce about all the people I've loved and what I loved about them, but like, not in a sad way.
  7. K Michelle- Love Em All
    Because I also "love" every man in my life... Ha.
  8. Chance the Rapper- Sunday Candy
    My grandmother is the strongest woman I know, a song dedicated to the Sunday morning church scene and longing to see your grandma hits home for me. Damn, I miss being a kid. I'm going to take my butt to church...eventually.
  9. Kym Mazelle- Young Hearts Run Free
    This song played in Romeo + Juliet when Mercutio was in drag at the Capulet's party and I've been in love with it since the first time I heard it. Kym's voice is so deep and soothing. The instrumental is reminiscent of disco, and the ball scene, it just makes you wanna dance. And I love a song with a message! It serves as a warning against falling in love too young. Life's too short. Be a hoe. Thank you, Kym Mazelle.
  10. The Dreamgirls Soundtrack
    All of it. I love all of it.
  11. Future- Thought It Was A Drought
    I tried to avoid the Future hype, and yet... I love this song. Even though I like my music with heavy marijuana and lean and pills.... I think Future has a bit of a drug problem and I hope he gets help #PrayForFuture