I've been off this app for a while and ya know what... Yeah.
  1. I was suicidal
    2015 not only wanted me to jump off of the highest building I could find, it also requested that I do a flip.
  2. I got my heart broken by a friend
    My best friend at that. It hurts. It's gonna hurt. C'est la vie.
  3. I went on a huge Benzo X Weed binge
    When I say huge I mean smoking three times a day and popping pills like tic tacs
  4. I left school and came home
    Took a break from college and I'm probably better for it
  5. I became good friends with my ex
    She's super cool and probably playing me but again, c'est la vie.
  6. I've had at least five people try to wife me
    I've declined them all. Everybody wants something from me and I hate that I can't give it to them.
  7. I got closer to the aint shit nigga I've been fucking for like three years
    He's lovely.
  8. I decided to take myself and what I want more seriously
  9. I've been hurting
  10. And healing
  11. And learning a lot about myself
  12. It's scary
  13. And super important to my growth
  14. I hope I can fix all the damage I've done to other people on the way to this, me being sick has been hard on everyone around me