A lot of this I learned from the music and movies I'm into right now
  1. Whiny singing voices
    So like, 90's and early 2000's pop and R&B is my shit
  2. Soft lighting
  3. Brown make up
    Black girls with neutral/brown make up are my entire heart. I'm glad to see this making a comeback and tbh it's the look I'm best at
  4. Contralto voices
    I'm a contralto and I've always hated it but I realized so are all of my favorite singers
  5. Gospel music
    Specifically choirs and the sound of the organ
  6. House music
    Any music you can vogue to also, idk what it is, maybe it's my queer little heart
  7. Girl-Next-Door types
    I've had my share of girls that will ruin your life and I've been so into girls that look sweet lately, even if their personality doesn't match their face, especially if their personality doesn't match their face tbh
  8. Make up
    I have an affinity for make up and I'm just now realizing it. I love doing it.
  9. Airy/breathy voices and effortless falsettos
  10. A Capella songs