1. Amy Winehouse songs
    She always tugs at my heartstrings, RIP baby girl
  2. Going to the hospital alone
    My doctor was mean to me. I was alone for like an hour at the hospital and they drew blood (incorrectly) and it hurt and you know what I had a long day so yes, I cried.
  3. Future
  4. Hearing a friend talk about period sex in a group setting
  5. Very awkward, barely consensual sex
    In hindsight, I should've said stop instead of hoping he'd pick up on hints
  6. My big dropping out of school vs pushing through for the next year or so debate
  7. Being broke
  8. Being hungry
  9. Sleeping for less than 3 hours and being woken up from my sleep to vomit
  10. Someone looked at me for too long
    I'm serious
  11. I was around unpleasant people for an extended amount of time
    I teared up in a lounge full of my peers because they were so annoying
  12. Twitter forcing me to watch cockroach sex
    I might actually start crying again
  13. Making myself [redacted] too hard
    Cum. I meant cum.
  14. Homework
  15. My mom talking to me in the wrong tone of voice
    She knows better, she's usually pretty sweet
  16. How much I really loved my ex and how much she played with my heart
    My little feelings are still hurt about her sometimes
  17. The weather
    It doesn't matter what kind of weather.
  18. Nothing
    It really doesn't take much
  19. The therapist I saw last week
    She was terrible and I never want to see her again