At the end of the day I'm always me.
  1. Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I only introduce myself as such when I am in fancy situations. School, work, the doctors office on a Tuesday. Mostly people call me Liz, hey you, mom, his wife, and little sweater. (My sisters autocorrect turned nickname) You can call me LovelyLiz cause even on my worst day I'm still pretty sweet.
  2. I'm California grown but living in Ohio. It's not all bad. Just miss the beach on warm days and the mountain views when I need to be reminded that everything is bigger than I am.
  3. I have two kids. I refer to them as monsters. And I mean it in the sweetest way possible. They are probably more like sour patch kids but that's a list for another day. They are 8 and 18months. My husband and I are crazy and crazy about them.
  4. I am a type one diabetic and have been for 10 years. If you don't know about that life..Google it.
  5. I love music. Pop, rock, pop rock, punk, rockabilly, West coast punk...little of this, little of that.
  6. My favorite color is red.
  7. I'm the youngest of 3. The youngest of 7 if you wanna count all them half sisters.
  8. Some of my favorite things include; reading, writing, singing, dancing, laughing, long conversations about nothing and everything, coffee, people who walk quickly, people who use their turn signals appropriately, proper spelling, music, good television and sometimes the bad, trains, driving just to drive, making lists, baking, shouting profanities.
  9. I also really like red heads. Fact check, my husband is a red head. Boom.
  10. I like coffee.
  11. I like stapler.
  12. I like lamp.