You know you do, too.
  1. He is the ultimate whiner/cry baby. Even when he speaks, and isn't upset about something not even a normal child would be mad about, his voice is just always whiny. Bring it down a notch, Beyonce. Damn.
  2. Apparently the creators wanted him to look racially ambiguous, not sure they really grasp what that means because...
  3. He's kind of a douche to his little sister. Not all the time, but most of the time. I mean he treats the cat with more respect. He's always complaining about playing with her, and not wanting to share toys. What the eff man. Siblings are supposed to be friends for life.
  4. On most kid shows you can usually find some sort of "life lesson" that you and the creators (probably) are hoping the children at home will pick up on. However, Caillou is just a blatant example of a child acting out constantly, and for no real reason, while his parents have obviously just given up. Good luck, Rosie.
  5. Don't even get me started on the "adults" on the show. With no real authority they meander around hoping that maybe, just maybe, they will wake up from this awful dream. They find themselves wondering, is this real life? *Exit dream sequence*
  6. I watched this show for a short time when my oldest was small. I refused to turn it on for my youngest. If they're going to learn how to be sarcastic and whiny it's going to be from me.
  7. Also, what the hell is a Caillou? What does that even mean? What is the origin? I imagine it means "child who is kind of a jerk for no reason" I mean what else would it be.