Top 5 celebrities I'd date if I had to...

Someone has a finger in my face and states that I have to pick a celebrity to date or my cat gets it. Not knowing what "it" is or why they hate my cat I real order.
  1. Ryan Gosling.
    He's cute, quiet, and seems like he has a dark side. Who doesn't love a dark side. Hello, Darth Vader. Or should I say, hey girl!
  2. Justin Timberlake
    Do I even need a reason. Hello, nurse. Not only does he seem funny but he's talented, sweet, and handsome. He's basically the whole package.
  3. James Franco
    Look at that face. I'm literally drooling. He's a teacher, actor, blah blah blah. He's great. Like, he does everything. And he's gorgeous. He could be my James Dean any day.
  4. Seth Meyers
    I love a funny guy. He's very handsome. Seems to genuinely care for others. And anyone who can make me laugh so hard I spit drinks out just has to be on this list.
  5. Killian Jones
    Does he have a real name. Probably. But Captain my Captain. He is just, wow. This Once upon a time star is just wow. I'm sure he's a fantastic person but he wouldn't have to say much. Haha. He's just so dreamy.