1. Driving on country roads
    Rarely any other cars, sometimes tractors, always cows
    When the weather hits 45 degrees people start sun bathing. The wildflowers and bulbs have all bloomed and I'm so excited! 81 degrees tomorrow!
  3. The coffee
    The local market might not have what most would call "good coffee" but it's my favorite. Nothing beats it
  4. Traveling is easy
    Drive 10 or 20 minutes and you're either in New York or Massachusetts. It's not marked and I never know what state I'm in
  5. No billboards
    Just beautiful views
  6. Apple season
    In the fall the best apples I've ever had are all over the place. Walk to class, eat 4 apples. Midnight snack, apples. Baking, apple pie. (This is not a Vermont Apple, it's only May and I'm dreaming of the fall)
  7. Abundant water
    Big one for me coming from Los Angeles
  8. It's acceptable to wear flannels and long underwear all winter
  9. My view