Think about it. We had folk, rock and roll, Pop, Rock, metal, hard rock, etc. Now we have hip hip
  1. Last century we had great artist. Dylan, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, B.B King, etc etc. At the end of last century we had the pioneers of Hip hop. Rakeem, Run-Dmc, Public Enemy, Nas
  2. Then in the 90s the big 2 showed up. the Notorious and 2pac; as like in the 70s the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc did.
    Also is good to mention NWA, Snopp.
  3. Now the music gravitates around hip hop. Radio is full of Bieber, J. Cole, Iggy, Chris Brown, etc.
    And is good, because as in the 70s with rock, quality is great and there is a ton of genres around there for anybody.
  4. Finally we have the big 3, plus the odd one.
    We have the big 3, with great quality, representing different things of the society, and reaching different people relating to them too.
  5. Kendrick Lamar the Soul; J. Cole the Mind; Drake the Heart; and Kanye the Revolutionary (credits to _tell_it_all of ig)
  6. Kendrick
    Kendrick is just different, it reaches the black public, about the social inequalities, and the reality of some communities. It can go more deep but I do not possess the words, or knowledge to do it
  7. J. Cole
    He is unique, smart, a guy who brakes some stereotypes, but also makes us realize that there are a ton of black successful people who have made it, but WE tend to overlook them. He is real, talks about personal problems that goes more than race; something more of a socioeconomic status. He is not an weird example, there are tons like him, but he is vocal and leads by example. His is real
  8. Drake
    This guy is sentimental, creative, and honest; but who doesn't have feelings?; who hasn't feel left out by a significant other before?; or who hasn't feel like reaching greatness at the same time? He is the face of Rap/Hip hop. His albums are always solid, and great. We will remember this titans.
  9. There are also other great artist? Like The Weeknd, Frankie Ocean, Tyler, Mac Miller, Fetty Wap, etc etc. this is the golden Era of Hip Hop.
  10. Words out, mind clear, Flu is still here... Back to bed