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    I could be a great young teenage writtes about 17s doing cool stuff and happy stuff that was cool in the 2000s. You know, like doug from nickelodeon.
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    Also I'm digging aussie friendly group of friends in the beatch with perfect tans and highlighs vibe. Like club7
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    The silence is or commantment
  4. β€’
    Blue, skyblue, orange/purple
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    Urban cities in latin america are the best. Beautiful blended, between different economies. Is mercurial when you are driving at night
  6. β€’
    Pyramids is the best song ever. From acient egypt, to stripclubs, prostitus, critic to the black women society who supposedly sold themselves to the white sentiment of growth. Conquert
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  8. β€’
    Have you watched the episode of rocket power when they built a fort in the bitch? It is my favorite
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    I gift like the ones from summer 2001