Music gets drafted in my phone depending by mood, and situations; when it hits, it hits hard
  1. Definetly Drake
    Back to back, If you are reading this is too late, and Hotline bling are brilliant compositions. He goes hard. Drake is not messing around... Anyways he is still soft as a virgin pina colada
  2. John Mayer
    Edge of desire, Born and Raised (the whole album) is coming back on rotation, Dear Marie, and a rare I don't trust myself (early version). I enjoy the vocals of this songs a lot. He is a brilliant musician, I digg his talent, and his radio host voice
  3. J Cole
    Forrest Hills Drive is THE BEST rap album of 2014, and has a lot of emotions that we are all related too. I mean who doesn't walk around thinking about wet dreamz and remembering high school? Or tell me another great song that makes you cocky in the treadmill like Fire Squad.
  4. Jeff Buckley's "Grace"
    what a great, soulful, blue album. It's perfect. Mix some jazz, some 90s grunge attitude, feelings and talent and you get the best 90s album. Also is a great soundtrack if you are in the mood of sentimental intimacy with your "just girlfriend for the moment"
  5. By the way
    "Lover you should've come over" is the saddest, and moat beautiful song ever. It bothers me that How someone can feel such strong and true feelings for someone. How melancholic and heartbroken Jeff Buckley must been? But I believe this song must have its own list... "My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder" how beautiful and sad.y
  6. Also...
    Mix some Frank Ocean, the some D'Angelo's Voodoo, and Marvin Gaye and you keep continuing with your "girlfriend just for now intimacy"