Cold, flu, Wtf is the difference...
  1. Why the fuck guacamole is extra?
    They are shit tons of babies avocados in Mexico!!!
  2. "You can call me Mystic Mac, because I predict this things"
    Wft Conor Mcgregor? How are you able to say this crazy amounts of lines?
  3. Edge of desire by @john
    Wired and tired, I think I'll sleeping with my cloths on the floor, but maybe this mastress and spin on its axis and find me on yours" How? How can you come with this John Mayer?
  4. Why Skyler gave 90k to Beneket?
    Fucking bitch
  5. Lil Sebastian
  6. Harry! Cho chang?!?!
    You are THE chosen one best seeker and you try to go after Cho Chang?!?! And she reject you!!
  7. Furious 8
    Toretto and Jason Statham. Facing up, with fucking guns; but they decided to crash their cars. At 100 mph. They survived, get out of the cars, And Torretto trya to fight him with a wrench bar, meanwhile Jason Statham has a fucking machine gun. Wtf
  8. Why Ricky and Tre decided to split in different ways