1. Hypnotize By Biggie
    I'm a UFC fighter, I'm making my entrance. I'm smooth, confident, and just enjoying the flow with 10 thousand people moving their head. I'm the big dog
  2. Can't hold Us by Macklemore
    Now I'm a soccer player; it is the semifinal of a tournament, the other team were trash talking before the game, but now we are playing at home. We win 3-0, I scored 2 goals, and I celebrated my last goal going with the fans
  3. Style By Taylor Swift
    Why I have this song in my workout playlist? i don't really know; but, I'm picking up this platonic girl at midnight in a 70s Mustang Mach 1. Some mysterious James Dean shit. Kinda cool
  4. Roar By Katy Perry
    I'm back being a soccer super star. A british midtable team sign me up. I'm young and unproved. A lot of critics, but I will show them. Every goal, every nice play, I look at the opposite fans and shut them up. I look at them with the intensity of a tiger. I'm basically Cristiano Ronaldo in 2011-2012 proving myself all angry, or MJ after being eliminated by the Pistons' badboys.
  5. You got the dirtee love by Florence + The Machine
    Obviously is the soundtrack of my YouTube highlight video, of my amazing utopic and fantasy soccer career at my treadmill dream
  6. Voodoo Child by Hendrix
    After an amazing season I Didn't win the Ballon D'or (best player of the year award). I'm mad, and I want to prove something. I'm a killer, I score tons of goals, But I don't celebrate, I just look mad at the camera. We play against Barcelona, before the game i stared non stopping Lionel Messi (he won the award). i shut him down,I scored 3 goals; after my third goal, I looked at the fans and Messi pointing with my finger that I'm the number one and I shouted "I'm the king of Barcelona" madness..
  7. Dog days are over by Florence + The Machine
    I win the World cup with Mexico, and highest scored of the tournament, plus best player too. I cried with the fans, we suffered, and In my first interview I say that I only did it for Mexico, and for the fans, I started crying meanwhile running. Wtf Luis?!?
  8. Finally Juicy by Biggie
    Perfect ending of this imagination, I accomplished all, 3 ballon D'or, 2 World Cups, 5 Champions League, and 255 calories burned.