10 of the Tabs Open on My Phone, At Random (Pt 1)

I have more open tabs on my phone than I'll ever read. I scrolled and opened 10 at random.
  1. I love a good pretentious artist character assassination piece.
  2. I ordered wings and fries from Pizza Hut maybe 3 months ago. The fries came so soggy and wet there was water pooling in the carton. This article didn't help but I didn't close it anyway.
  3. Wiki on the compound of one of America's craziest cults ever. I'm always worried I'll forget what they were called.
  4. A co worker recommended this film to me in like June, 2015
  5. The founder of Jacobin magazine called him his favorite Stalinist writer. Still haven't read his book.
  6. ??????
  7. I wanted to figure out the model number of Jay and Silent Bob's boombox in Clerks.
  8. From before Blowfly died. So 2015 I guess.
  9. Did you know Eduard Bernstein, despite being so hated, actually stood up for Oscar Wilde during his trial?
  10. I love this study, and it seems like something that would be hard to find again by Googling for it