1. Hungry Headaches
    The most annoying thing about this headache is that once I get it, I can't eat. If I eat, I throw up because I get nauseous. -Sigh-
  2. Sleepy Headaches
    To get rid of this one I have to sleep...easy, right? No! I have a hard time falling asleep because of the pain. Again... -Sigh-
  3. Dehydrated Headaches
    Now this one I can handle, one excedrin migraine and three cups of water and a cup every hour after that.
  4. Weather Headaches
    This one is a little odd. I get this headache anytime the season changes and usually when I'm exposed to really cold or hot weather.
  5. Tired Headaches
    If I keep my eyes and mind focused on anything without a break I get this headache. I get rid of it with excedrin and a good sleep/nap.