Whenever I walk anywhere while listening to these songs, I feel really powerful💯👊🙏🎧
  1. Famous- Charli XCX
    This is just the perfect walking down the street song for some reason that I can't even explain to myself.
  2. Girl Almighty- One Direction
    This song as just as empowering as the title- totally perfect for walking down the street.
  3. It Takes Two- Katy Perry
    The beat of this song just makes me want to walk a little faster. Plus the lyrics are on point.
  4. Lips Are Movin- Meghan Trainor
    This song just makes me want to walk/dance/sing/scream down the street.
  5. The Man- Aloe Blacc
    This song will make you feel really good about yourself, which is exactly how you should feel while walking down the street.
  6. Breaking Up- Charli XCX
    It's impossible not to do a hair flip while listening to this catchy beat.
  7. Double Rainbow- Katy Perry
    💯⚡️🌈❤️😍 Only emoji can be used to describe how perfect this song is.
  8. Don't- Ed Sheeran
    I can't help but sing along every time I hear this song- such a good tune to walk to.
  9. Ghost- Ella Henderson
    This beat of this song makes you feel like you can do literally anything and makes your walk 💯 times better.
  10. Just Fine- Mary J Blige
    This song is a MAJOR confidence booster and totally dance worthy👌