A Winter Playlist for Good Feels

Songs I <33333 All of these jams are cozy, but NOT in a hot chocolate, Christmas carols by the fire type of way. Cozy because when listening to these cohesively, I'm reminded of special moments with every best friend I've ever had. These songs transport me to moments of pure joy and inspire me to chase more (also I love Chance if you couldn't tell)
  1. Why iii Love The Moon by Phony Ppl
    sweet n cute n happy
  2. Prom Night by Chance
    being a teenager/person condensed into the beautiful n wonderful 5 minutes that are this song. the lyrics are powerful in their genuineness, the music is moving in its originality. heartbreaking, comforting, and inspiring. this song is a like a hug from your best friend <3
  3. C U GiiiiiirL by Steve Lacey
  4. Juke Jam by Chance ft JB & Towkio
    Chance is back with another song that's so REAL it could be the soundtrack to ur life! Warm n reminiscent n calm n pure. Another hug <3
  5. Cocoa Butter Kisses by Chance ft Vic & Twist
    funny n sweet. the kind of song that makes you happy to be alive ;)
  6. Miss You Most (At Night) by mrcarmack.bandcamp.com & Taku
  7. BROCCOLI by D. R. A. M ft Lil Yachty
    although Broccoli is not a cozy hug like the rest of these, it's a feel-good song, which is always necessary on a playlist :)
  8. Family by Chance ft Vic & Sulaiman
  9. Summer Friends by Chance ft Jeremih & Francis and the Lights
    sooooo reminiscent of a late summer night spent talking & laughing & staying up late with your best friends
  10. Basically anything on 10Day or Coloring Book
    the songs on these albums, especially 10Day, are so beautiful and happy and genuine!