This is going public and I'm a little sad because I love the Beta crew, but also mostly insanely happy because now we get to share the awesome community that is the List App with the rest of the world!!
  1. This is what I've realized after almost 38 weeks (almost a year!!) on the List App Beta:
  2. I started with the app when I was in middle school, which, as many of you know, isn't a place where talking openly and honestly about yourself and your feelings is promoted.
  3. The only other social media account I had up until that point was my Instagram. As entertaining as it is to scroll through your favorite "feeds", it's also an insane amount of pressure to curate your own.
  4. Everyone is concerned about Instagram politics; who has the most followers, who gets the most likes. Does your ratio look good? Does your feed look good? Are your photos edit bug not in a fake way? Is your caption clever enough.
  5. Instagram is fake. It's a lot of posed, edited, photos, that unintentionally stress us out.
  6. And when, I first joined list app beta, I was worried it would be another, stressful social media addiction.
  7. I was right about one thing- it became and addiction. I would look forward to coming home from school everyday to read all of the new list on my home screen.
  8. But I was wrong about the other part- it was the probably the realist community I had ever been a part of.
  9. I had finally found a place where talking about my feelings and thoughts was not only socially acceptable, but supported by other users.
  10. There's no stress in posting a list. It's from the heart. And people respect that. It's what they want to hear. And it's safe to share it.
  11. I talked about emojis, embarrassing stories from school, dream coffee shops, and things that were important to me, and read lists from other users about things that were important to them.
  12. The list app has made me really, purely happy. I've read lists that have made me laugh, cry, and think.
  13. Getting to log on and be part of such an understanding, talented, and safe community has been such a great opportunity.
  14. Thanks @bjnovak @dev @Nicholas @jeremysomething for creating this space
  15. I'm forever grateful to all of the @list beta users who have made my experience on the beta on that has changed me and that I will remember in many years to come.
  16. You are all my list app crushes.
  17. Luv,
  18. Julia