I wrote this list on an empty stomach at 3:00 in the morning, so I'm not sure how much I'm going to regret this…
  1. Science Class, 5th Grade
    I backed up my chair to get a pencil, and without looking flung my hand around to get a pencil but wound up hitting my substitute teacher in… well, you can guess where. I am still teased about this incident to this day. It was V EMBARRASSING then and V EMBARRASSING now.
  2. The Assembly, 6th Grade
    In 6th grade, I passed out in front of the ENTIRE SCHOOL during an assembly. I actually passed out in my seat, but when I "woke up" to walk to the nurse I feel down and the teacher had to walk me. The next day the entire sixth grade had different variations of this story. SO EMBARRASSING.
  3. Math Class, 7th Grade
    In 7th Grade, during a quiet work time in math, I was rocking my chair back and forth of boredom. Unfortunately, my chair flipped backwards and I crashed into the radiator, making extra noise. For a minute my entire class was just staring, until my friend started laughing, and then everyone started laughing. The only one who wasn't amused was our teacher.
  4. Let's Yo, 7th Grade
    Ok, so technically this didn't happen at school, but it did involve my teacher. I was @oneof my towns many frozen yogurt establishments with one of my friends who had gone to sit down. I went to the toppings bar and started putting lots of candy, sprinkles, and cookies on to my froyo, and then shouted "NO HEALTHY FOOD EVER" just as my DANCE TEACHER came up behind me with her plain yogurt topped with blueberries and granola. This was more awkward than embarrassing, but I think it still qualifies.