Some things to know about me: I go to a high school that starts at 7:50 am, I'm not a morning person, and I'm an extremely slow eater. If any of these things apply to you, you've probably watched a lot of YouTube videos entitled "Quick breakfasts you can make for school in 5 minutes" and then wasted your whole morning trying to make them. (Cont ⬇️)
  1. These are some simple, delicious breakfast ideas that you can make and (hopefully) feel excited about in the morning. And no, I can't promise that they'll turn out Instagram-worthy, but I can promise that you'll be done making them in 5 minutes and you will get to your AM destination on time✔️ (PS suggestions are welcome and appreciated)
  2. Nut Butter & Jelly Everything
    And I literally mean everything. NB&J is a great breakfast because there's protein packed into the nutbutter and adding the jelly also makes it sweet AND feel rebellious! Like; "Yeah, I'm eating LUNCH for breakfast today." Anyway, when in between two hot pieces of toast it gets really melty and gooey and yummy. Also try this with rice cakes, toaster waffles, English muffins, bagels, sliced bananas, or you can even NB&J to the boring oatmeal packets! So easy. So quick. So many possibilities.
  3. Fro-Yo
    Go to the grocery store, buy a box of your favorite yogurt tubes and stick them in the freeze them overnight and take one out the next mornings. Boom. They have a decent amount of protein to keep you alive all morning and if you buy a box with different flavors, your breakfast can be different every morning of the week. Also, this is another breakfast that feels rebellious since fro yo is usually dessert.
  4. Pizza bagels
    The night before coat the top of a bagel that's been split in half with marinara sauce and add whatever toppings you want. Then bake in the oven. The next morning all you have to do is microwave until it's hot enough. Boom. (The whole reason I do this is because pizza for breakfast is my favorite thing to eat ever, but whenever I want to eat it there is a) no pizza, b) bad pizza, c)pizza with onions and meat. So I make my own with bagels, to be breakfasty fun.)
  5. Even more breakfasty pizza bagels
    I'd you're not about that breakfast for dinner life, I have another "pizza" bagel to show you. To half of a bagel, add a base like cream cheese, Nutella, or peanut butter. Then add toppings like berries or other fruits or vegetables. Nom nom!! (It kind of resembles a sweet pizza, so that why it falls under the pizza bagel category)
  6. Easy avo toast
    While your bread is toasting, cut and avo in half and pit it. Slice it up and put the slices over your toast. Add salt and pepper and olive oil. Best breakfast evaaaa.
  7. Leftovers
  8. Sometimes you have to be "boring"-- and it's actually yummy too!!
    You're not going to be able to make something fun and fancy every day- some days you've just got to appreciate a simple bowl of cereal or a container of yogurt! Lucky charms can be awesome!