I just can't think of a name
  1. The theme of my Los Angles Coffee Boutique is going to be like a mod, pop-art explosion. It's going to be a balanced combination of a sleek modern art museum and Jackson Pollack's/Andy Warhol's art studio, with the color scheme of Kate Spade.
  2. All of the coffees in will be served in a solid color to-go cup (either black or white) but a POC will be provided by the sleeve, which is a colorful modern art piece designed by a local artist. Each month the artist will design colorful pieces to be featured on the sleeves, pastry bags, plastic cups (for iced drinks) and the walls of the shop.
  3. The walls are all white, but all of the furniture is colorful and patterned. All of the chairs and couches will be made of different materials and will come in different sizes. All the light fixtures will be crazy too! And there will be one large sculpture or piece of art on each wall.
  4. If you're eating in the cafe, instead of a to go cup, you can drink out of a design-y mug.
  5. We'll have all of the classic drinks (cappuccinos, lattes, iced fruit tea, ect.) but we'll also be serving inventive flavors, like the pistachio coconut prailene latte and or the ginger hibiscus lemonade.
  6. Yes, we'll have a variety of milk (almond, coconut, soy, cashew, rice, whole, 2%, or skim)