Happy Throwback Thursday? These are pretty much the only things I miss about being six years old and in kindergarten.
  1. Nap Time
    Nap time is really underrated. I mean, when I was 6 all I wanted to do was run around and play games, but now I would do pretty much anything to get 15 extra minutes of sleep in the middle of the day.
  2. Coloring
    Drawing with crayons could seriously be another form of meditation. It doesn't take much focus or skill, and if you have a book with lines, than you don't even have to worry about anyone judging your work! Coloring is such calming, relaxing activity that I rarely get to do any more because of all the time consuming tests and homework and projects that my teachers give me.
  3. Class Parties
    Ending class early to get free food? Yes please! We never do this in my school and it makes me sad because I have so many good memories of my kindergartens' birthday/holiday parties.