As you can tell by this list, we were a very cool crew
  1. Jibbitz!
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  2. Bobs! (Aka turtle Bobbleheads)
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    My Bob collection is still intact to this day💯
  3. Anything from Gap Kids
    Gap kids clothing was the coolest brand to have in your closet in the fourth/fifth grade
  4. Hating on Justice (clothing)
    My best friend and I were super judgemental of anyone who would wear Justice clothes, except I think that we secretly liked them (or at least I did)
  5. Kool-Aid hair dye
    I had this at one point, but I couldn't find any pictures. The ends of my hair were red.
  6. Sillybands
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    My friends and I had so many of these that they would go up our arms. For about a year, recess was going around trading our Sillybands. I really don't know what all of the fuss was about because they are literally pieces of rubber.
  7. Tankinis
    Bikinis were "gross" and one pieces were "weird"