Wisdoms that I've retained
  1. How people react to you is more about them than it is about you
  2. No one has the power to make you feel anything. You make a decision to feel the way you do.
  3. Let go of the story you've created in your head about how things are "supposed to be"
  4. If you turn to look at the monster you're running away from somehow it'll shrink.
  5. I'm allowed to be selfish at times
  6. Being me is just as good as being anyone else
  7. It's not what you say it's how you say it
  8. The less details you tell people the more free you can feel
  9. You have a right to ask for what you need
  10. Laughter cures almost anything
  11. As a woman you are the neck that holds and turns the head
  12. The two times in your life that you truly get to be selfish: when you get married and when you have a baby
  13. Self care is not a luxury it's a necessity
  14. "Should" is a poisonous word
  15. You're not responsible for how other people feel, you're only responsible for yourself and what you put out there.
  16. If it wants to grow it'll grow, if not, don't play the role of nature.
  17. People enter your life to teach you lessons, but not everyone is meant to be a permanent fixture.
  18. Marry someone who makes you laugh