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  1. He got there 20 mins late
    I'll let it slide
  2. Wearing the same clothes as the night before
    Um, gross
  3. He had invited me to brunch at what turned out to be a Mexican restaurant that didn't serve brunch food
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  1. Winston Bishop
    He's definitely the glue of the group. The show likes to pretend Jess is, but it's Winston. And that dude really loves his cat.
  2. Claire Underwood
    Claire is terrifying and elegant all at once. Not afraid to ask for and/or demand what she wants. At this point she is the only character needed on House of Cards.
  3. Charlie Kelly
    Cat lover, poet, songwriter, best friend, spaghetti connoisseur.
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I work in children's mental health.
  1. It's very common for boys of all ages to refuse to wipe their butt holes.
    Like, what?
  1. Seasons
  2. Red lights
  3. Yellow lights
I was really into talking animals. Also worth noting, there are very few female characters available who aren't princesses. And I have never been into princesses.
  1. The Lion King
    I know every word to this movie. Every. Word.
  2. The Goonies
    "Goonies never say die"
  3. Homeward Bound
    An early strong female character. I think I really related to her because she was a cat. No logic.
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It's a good day.
  1. It's 56 degrees in Columbus, Ohio.
    Thanks, global warming.
  2. My cat gets really excited when I come home from work early.
    Like this - 🙀😻😻😻
  3. I get to see my mother.
    She's a gem.
I LOVE Christmas music. Except these gems.
  1. Silver Bells
    Ringaling. Hear them ring. Cringing.
  2. Do They Know It's Christmas
    "Tonight thank God it's them instead of you." Is that like a direct quote from Jesus or...
  3. Little Drummer Boy
    I'm pretty positive the last thing Mary wants around her sleeping baby right after giving birth is a child drumming. GOOD IDEA.
  4. Baby It's Cold Outside
    So catchy. So rapey.
  1. My Instagram would have more followers if it was strictly about my cat.
    Honestly, I can't blame you, Instagram.
  1. They eat their own poop. On purpose.
    They even have 2 different kinds of poop.
  2. They can't vomit.
    It's a real design flaw. Hair balls can kill them.
  3. If they stop pooping, they die.
    Their digestive systems are tricky bastards.
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