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  1. Rockin' out to One Direction in my VW Beetle convertible with the top down (like a dork)!
  2. My inclination towards liking anything a 15 year old girl would like (i.e. One Direction, The Vampire Diaries or pretty much anything on the CW Network, actually knowing who the actor Dylan O'Brien was when my 15 year old goddaughter gushed about how hot he was, polkadots and kittens on clothes, etc.)
  3. Cute animal photos/videos
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Well, since I'm obsessed with taking photos of my fur babies, don't be surprised when they are "randomly" all animal photos! 😜
  1. Random Photo #1 - Oh, who's that, you my ask? That's my sweet angel, Lucy, who lets me do weird things like wrapping her up like a burrito!
  2. Random Photo #2 - That's just my cat, Zaxby, or as she's known at Cochella, DJ Catnip... working on her latest EDM collab with Ursher!
  3. Random Photo #3 - This is my sweet baby Johnny Thunders, who just recently passed away, but proves, without a doubt, that real gentlemen still exist in this world!
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