Well, since I'm obsessed with taking photos of my fur babies, don't be surprised when they are "randomly" all animal photos! 😜
  1. Random Photo #1 - Oh, who's that, you my ask? That's my sweet angel, Lucy, who lets me do weird things like wrapping her up like a burrito!
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  2. Random Photo #2 - That's just my cat, Zaxby, or as she's known at Cochella, DJ Catnip... working on her latest EDM collab with Ursher!
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  3. Random Photo #3 - This is my sweet baby Johnny Thunders, who just recently passed away, but proves, without a doubt, that real gentlemen still exist in this world!
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  4. Random Photo #4 - Mail Delivery! Again, showing that my sweet Lucy will let me do just about anything!
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  5. Random Photo #5 - Last, but certainly not least, this is my other lovebug pup, Ziggy, reminding us all of this important truth... you only live once!
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