1. Rockin' out to One Direction in my VW Beetle convertible with the top down (like a dork)!
  2. My inclination towards liking anything a 15 year old girl would like (i.e. One Direction, The Vampire Diaries or pretty much anything on the CW Network, actually knowing who the actor Dylan O'Brien was when my 15 year old goddaughter gushed about how hot he was, polkadots and kittens on clothes, etc.)
  3. Cute animal photos/videos
  4. Occasionally eating a small 8oz block of mozzarella cheese like a candy bar (sans knife)
  5. #hastagging
  6. Keeping up with Taylor Swift's fantastic life and girl squad via Instagram
  7. Lil' Bub (seriously, the most adorable cat EVER) - I am inclined to purchase anything with her adorable face on it - side note, thanks to my hubs, Jaymie, for my Lil' Bub bobblehead that not only bobbles, but makes fantastical squonking/purring noises from the lil' lady herself
  8. Hallmark/Lifetime rom-com holiday movies (the more predictable the plot/ending, the better)