Requested by @agard
Sorry to offend anyone on this app who may or may not be involved with these selections, but @agard requested...
  1. Showgirls.
    All time favorite. Images of floppy pool sex forever seared into my retinas.
  2. Caveman.
    Although it features the charming chemistry between long-term couple Ringo and Barbara Bach, it really is terrible but hard to look away.
  3. The Flintstones.
    How they could've ruined this iconic childhood series I don't know but they did.
  4. Body Double.
    Brian De Palma is my least favorite director, and this insulting Hitchcock rip off pissed me off more and more with each viewing.
  5. Body of Evidence.
    Trying to be Basic Instinct, fails extraordinarily. Madonna is wooden and the sex scenes are gross.
  6. Down to You.
    Only time I've ever walked out of a movie. Please tell me what happens.
  7. Duets
    Suggested by @richardrushfield