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  1. Kill You
    My favorite. This song exemplifies Eminem's prowess as a lyricist, storyteller and songwriter. The hook is addictive, his performance perfection. He creates this character of a man that, while ugly, is realistic, sad to say, with a comical twist and tongue in cheek expression. Listen twice and I dare you not to fall to his charms.
  2. Lose Yourself
    Fuck, this song makes me want to kick ass in life. One of the most inspirational motivating songs ever written. And the flow...the flow....
  3. Stan
    Recorded version and Elton John Grammy performance which changed my life. The story, the character, the build, the angst! Don't people understand this is theater?
  4. Cum On Everybody
    This song makes me want to have sex.
  5. Drug Ballad
    This song makes me want to have sex.
  6. Superman
    Dina Rae's sublime vocals intertwining Em's hilarious and sexy verses is perfection in rap.
  7. Who Knew
    Mike check one two. Too good. Let's dance. And then have sex.
  8. Without Me
    I dare you not to get this chorus in your brain. And the music video with Dre is great.
  9. Cleaning Out My Closet
    Heartbreaking vocal performance. Can't you feel his pain of having a shitty mother?
  10. Just Lose It
    Eminem being silly and fun and playful.
  11. Toy Soldiers
    Great hook, great story, great songwriting.
  12. Never Enough
    What a bunch of voices...Dre, 50 and Em.
  13. When I'm Gone
    This song is evidence of what an incredible storyteller Em is. And what a heartbreaking chorus for his beloved Hailey.
  14. The Way I Am
    Listen to his crispy perfect angry delivery. That's not easy to do.
  15. The Real Slim Shady
    Please stand up. What started it all. Funny, amazing, catchy, doesn't this make you feel happy? 🎶My momma's on my lips, my momma's on my lips...🎶
  16. My Name Is
    Old school brilliance.