This list was inspired and encouraged by @AlexandraLouise with her list to the contrary: GAS STATIONS: NOPE! 🚫⛽️
  1. The smell of gasoline
    I'm no huffer, but I love that gasoline smell!! Some smells just make me happy, like fresh skunk, a briny ocean and bacon. Gas is one of those smells.
  2. The interesting cats you meet
    (1) the business man on his cell phone, who is in such a rush, forgets his gas cap on the hood of his car and drives away as you laugh watching the cap skip on the pavement; (2) the homeless guy that blesses you even when you don't give him 💰, which makes you feel so good you end up giving him 💰; (3) the homeless guy whose smell overpowers the gas smell (this one tends to not bless you when you don't give him 💰, and rather, dangerously comes close to assault), etc. etc. MY FIRST SUBLIST!!
  3. Catching up on local news
    Now all the pumps have video screens with volume TURNED UP AS HIGH AS F*CK as a courtesy so you don't miss a moment of that important news clip of the day.
  4. Nostalgia
    One of the highlights of my early 20s was having my dad's Chevron credit card, which paid for most of my groceries, beer and other household supplies. I spent a lot of time at the Sunset Car Wash store (one the best Chevron marts) and another Chevron store in North Hollywood near my acting school. Sometimes, I grab a roll of toilet paper and a browning banana for old times sake.
  5. Cleaning your windows
    There's a 30% chance you'll get water and/or a squeegee that isn't dirtier than your windshields were already, but when you hit that sweet spot, there's nothing better than a clean windshield. A new world, where anything is possible.
  6. Filling your tank
    Is there any better feeling than having a full tank of gas? You can go anywhere, do anything! The freedom, the sky's the limit!! As I leave the gas station with that fat tank of gasoline, the road beckons me to leave everything behind and drive to Mexico to start a new life under a completely different identity. That gas station creates infinite possibility.