I searched the hashtag #Nazi this morning on Instagram. I did it so you don't have to.
  1. Espresso and iPhone with headphones.
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    I don't fully understand why this warrants a #Nazi hashtag. Does anybody read Arabic?
  2. Nazi bar
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    Here's a dude who had one of the best times of his life in a bar in Munich that the Nazis hung out in a lot. And everyone wore traditional dress? Does that mean SS uniforms and Jewish capo shreds with fake number tattoos on forearms? I need more information here. That does look like a delicious pretzel though.
  3. 2 dudes having dinner for 2
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    Their post-gym work out meal warrants the #Nazi hashtag. I hope they don't eat any of that white bread if they're serious about staying fit.
  4. A man who loves his stewardess girlfriend
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    He writes: "Give me thousands more stewardesses from hundred airlines in the world, it still can't replace my one only one because my hearts already fly with her." Awww...what a sweet sentiment. I wish I had a boyfriend who wrote Instagram posts dedicating his love to me. We engaged in some healthy dialogue about why he hates the Jews and then he liked a bunch of my pictures.
  5. Cat Nazi
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    In the caption is #cat#nazi. At least this one I can relate to.
  6. Just a girl celebrating her Nazi-loving friend Robert's birthday and other shenanigans
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    Here are the hashtags she used: #birthday #goodtimes #gettingold #pbr #shenanigans #sacramento #mojo #nazi #mojo #lol
  7. Nazi recording session
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    Really curious about this one.
  8. Ok, now that I'm starting to message strangers about my dead relatives, it may be time to step away. More to come.