Instagram Pics That Have a #nazi Hashtag

I searched the hashtag #Nazi this morning on Instagram. I did it so you don't have to.
  1. Espresso and iPhone with headphones.
    I don't fully understand why this warrants a #Nazi hashtag. Does anybody read Arabic?
  2. Nazi bar
    Here's a dude who had one of the best times of his life in a bar in Munich that the Nazis hung out in a lot. And everyone wore traditional dress? Does that mean SS uniforms and Jewish capo shreds with fake number tattoos on forearms? I need more information here. That does look like a delicious pretzel though.
  3. 2 dudes having dinner for 2
    Their post-gym work out meal warrants the #Nazi hashtag. I hope they don't eat any of that white bread if they're serious about staying fit.
  4. A man who loves his stewardess girlfriend
    He writes: "Give me thousands more stewardesses from hundred airlines in the world, it still can't replace my one only one because my hearts already fly with her." Awww...what a sweet sentiment. I wish I had a boyfriend who wrote Instagram posts dedicating his love to me. We engaged in some healthy dialogue about why he hates the Jews and then he liked a bunch of my pictures.
  5. Cat Nazi
    In the caption is #cat#nazi. At least this one I can relate to.
  6. Just a girl celebrating her Nazi-loving friend Robert's birthday and other shenanigans
    Here are the hashtags she used: #birthday #goodtimes #gettingold #pbr #shenanigans #sacramento #mojo #nazi #mojo #lol
  7. Nazi recording session
    Really curious about this one.
  8. Ok, now that I'm starting to message strangers about my dead relatives, it may be time to step away. More to come.