Nudity Clauses I've Drafted

  1. Right nipple exposure and nipple to third party hand contact.
  2. Grinding of genitals with clothes on.
  3. Simulated sex, in various positions, including: the cast member playing the role of "John" is entering Artist from behind, Artist on top of John while John is lying down and a "wheel barrel" position whereby John is holding up Artist by the legs.
  4. Simulated orgasm, with exaggerated verbal climax.
  5. A substance appearing to be melted chocolate dripped onto Artist's nipples.
  6. A "smiley face" is created with the Artist's nipples as eyes, Artist's belly button is the nose, Artist's pubic hair (real or wig) is the moustache and the genitals is fashioned into a smile.
  7. Artist's vagina appears to take a drag of a cigarette, then blows out a puff of smoke. No vaginal lips or other parts of the labia will be visible.